Basics: Cost Savings


Cost Savings give you a high-level overview of easy changes you can make to save potentially lots of money in your cloud deployment.

How To Use It

Navigate to Cost Savings.



Category Summaries


This first portion of the report displays a concise total of expected savings available to your account. Alongside this total is a breakdown based on sub-totals from six areas reviewed by CloudCheckr.

In this example, you can see that of the ~$600 total possible monthly savings, over half is from idle resources! That is an easy fix.


Breakdown Summary by Category Type


The lower portion of the report provides a breakdown of each section with more details if you drill down.

Idle Resources


Expanding any of the Idle resource items will provide additional details about name, usage, cost, and region.


Unused Resources | Mis-provisioned Resources | Previous Generation Resources


Likewise, expanding the Unused, Mis-Provisioned, or Previous Generation resource items will provide expanded views of IDs, Costs, Usage, Configurations, etc.


Reserved Purchase Recommendations


Finally, Reserved Purchase Recommendations details changes that can be made to Reserved Instances for additional savings.


Next Steps

Get more insight into actionable recommendations by using CloudCheckr’s Best Practices.