Billing Cost Changes Reports

The Billing Cost Changes report is designed to allow CloudCheckr users to quickly identify cost fluctuations between two separate billing periods.


The Billing Cost Changes report is based on cost data obtained from the AWS Detailed Billing Report (DBR).  When viewing this report within a consolidated payer account inside CloudCheckr you will have the ability to view cost changes across the entire consolidated bill, or for specific payee accounts.  When viewing this report within a payee account, you will only be able to see cost changes for that account’s usage.


The most common use case for this report is identifying unexpected fluctuations in your AWS bill. This could be a spike detected in your daily CloudCheckr bill summary email, or a increase in your monthly AWS invoice. This report allows you to select two separate periods (a single day, an entire month, or another date range), and compare their respective costs, side-by-side.

This report will display all the differences in costs between the two periods, ordered by cost change. This makes it very easy to identify the service, and cost type, that is the cause of the cost change.


When using the Cost Changes report you will need to identify the time periods, and costs, that you would like to analyze.

  • Time Periods – the two periods that you would like to compare.  These can be whatever date ranges that you would like (day versus day, month versus month, etc.).  Please note that the larger the billing periods that more time it may take to retrieve the billing data.
  • Cost Type – select which cost type to display data for.  This can be Unblended, Blended, or List Cost.
  • Filters – narrow the returned cost by AWS account, Service, Region, Operation, or Usage Type.

Once you have chosen the desired report options click the green ‘Filter’ button to have CloudCheckr find and return the cost changes.


CloudCheckr will build a summary table showing the Net Changes, total Increases and Decreases in cost, how many different costs changed, and the number of days being compared.

In the report details you’ll see all the costs that have changed between your two selected periods, ordered by Cost Difference.  CloudCheckr will also show you the service and description of the cost, so you’ll know exactly what changed (ex: $0.017 per RDS db.t2.micro instance hour (or partial hour) running MySQL).

The top of the report also provides a CSV and PDF export option if you would like to pull the data out of CloudCheckr for reporting or further analysis.