Publishing CloudCheckr Alerts to an SNS Topic

Your CloudCheckr alerts can be delivered directly to an AWS SNS topic of your choosing.  However, to utilize this feature, the Access Key and Secret Key used when configuring your project needs to have permissions to publish to your SNS topics.  If you are using Read Only credentials, you will need to update that group or user’s permissions within AWS IAM to provide this ability.

Follow these steps to update your AWS policy to include sns:Publish permissions:

Step 1: Log in to your Amazon Web Services Management Console.

Step 2: Load the Identity and Access Management (IAM) Dashboard.

Step 3: On the right-hand IAM menu, click Groups.


Step 4: Select the group that contains the user whose Access and Secret Keys were added to CloudCheckr.


Step 5: Expand the Permissions section.

Step 6: Click the Manage Policy link to the right of the ReadOnlyAccess policy.

Step 7: Within the Policy Document, add the following:


Step 8: Click Apply Policy

That’s it! You can now configure your alerts to publish to whichever SNS topic you’d like.

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