Use CloudCheckr to be notified of AWS outages

CloudCheckr can deliver alerts, via email, whenever AWS has a service disruption.  As soon as an issue is reported by AWS, CloudCheckr will immediately send an email with all available information to you.  All updates will also be delivered, until the issue is resolved.

To enable this feature:

1. Log into CloudCheckr and select ‘Edit Project’ on any project listed on the Projects page.

2. Click the Notifications tab.

3. Ensure your correct email address is added to the ‘Send emails to:’ text box.

4. Select either the Send All AWS Health Alerts check-box (will send alert emails when any disruption is reported within any AWS region) or the Send AWS Health Alerts If Affected check-box (will send alert emails only for disruptions reported within an AWS region that you have services deployed).

5. Click the ‘Update’ button to save your changes.

NOTE: If you have these alerts enabled in multiple projects, you will receive multiple alert emails.


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