Use CloudCheckr to get AWS billing alerts

CloudCheckr can deliver billing alerts, via email, whenever your daily AWS cost rises above or drops below a threshold you define.  Once your costs break the threshold, CloudCheckr will send you an email showing what your costs are for the day, and how much higher they are than yesterday.  This allows you to quickly realize that you accidentally left that extra-large instance running before you went home from the night, and you can shut it down before your costs grow too high.

NOTE: AWS billing monitoring must be enabled for this CloudCheckr feature to work.  For easy-to-follow instructions on enabling this feature, please go here.

To enable billing alerts within CloudCheckr:

1. Log into CloudCheckr and select ‘Edit Project’ on any project listed on the Dashboard.

2. Click the Notifications tab.

3. Ensure your correct email address is added to the ‘Send Emails to:’ text box.

4. Select the Enable Cost Alerts check-box, and select a percentage threshold to trigger the alert.

5. Click the ‘Update’ button to save your changes.

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