Single Sign-On Setup: PingOne

This is a guide that will help you setup Single Sign-On on CloudCheckr with your PingOne account.

These are the steps you will have to follow:

Configuration in PingOne

[1] Add New Application

In the administration console, select Applications tab, then My Applications tab. Click the Add Application button, select New SAML Application.


[2] Set Application Details

Application Name: CloudCheckr

Application Description: CloudCheckr Enterprise



[3] Set Application Configuration

Protocol Version: SAML v 2.0

Assertion Consumer Service (ACS):

Entity ID:

Application URL:

On the next step, SSO Attribute Mapping nothing is required, just hit Save & Publish.



[4] Download SAML Metadata

You will see a Review Setup page, obtain the SAML IdP Metadata (an XML file) by clicking the Download link. CloudCheckr needs this to complete the setup.

Hit Finish. You will now see CloudCheckr listed in My Applications list and in your users’ CloudDesktop.



Contact CloudCheckr

Email with the SAML IdP Metadata  XML file to complete the setup process.

If you require further assistance or your SSO logon is failing, please contact us at

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