Configure What Costs Are Visible to a User


This topic describes how you can configure what costs are visible to a user.

Types of Costs

When you are creating a new user, you can identify the types of costs that will be visible to that user.

The application identifies three types of cost:

  • unblended costs
  • blended costs
  • list costs

Review the table for more information to help you determine what type of costs you want your user to have access to.

Type of Cost Description
  • Averages the usage rate of similar resources across all accounts
  • Lowers the bill for individual payees by sharing RIs across accounts and compressing individual payees
  • Not a good method you can use to bill customers
  • Show rates of actual usage for resources across the entire consolidated bill
  • Used to calculate support charges and taxes
  • Closest to billing directly provided by AWS
  • Closest method to correct billing
  • Translates usage charges into separate costs for each payee as if they were standalone accounts
  • Allows partner to provide invoices that correctly represent the payee’s cost as if they were not part of the consolidated billing family

Note: To ensure that the payee only sees list cost in their email notifications and alerts, review the Enable Payee List Cost topic.

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