AWS Billing

Consolidated Billing Summary Report– This report Gives you an overview of your consolidated billing account. It gives you a breakdown of the costs per each separate account included in your master payer as well as the combined total of all accounts.

Single Day Summary Report This report gives you a breakdown of costs by day and by service. It is similar to the Consolidated Billing Summary, but will give you a quicker bird-eye view of a day’s summary.

Single Month Summary Report The Single Month Summary provides a cost breakdown by month, and then by service. It allows you to see the breakdown of the month by day.

Historical Monthly Summary Report– The historical monthly summary shows you the breakdown of all the costs from the entirety of your billing data by month and then by service.

Upfront Cost Amortization– This report shows you a breakdown of the upfront costs you paid for your reserved instances amortized over the life of the RI.

Advanced Filtering– This report allows you leverage CloudCheckr’s database to view and filter your AWS costs by Account, Region, Service, and Resource Tag, increasing visibility into your AWS spend.

Advanced Grouping This report allows you to group costs by multiple levels of Tag Keys, AWS Account, Region, Service, Operation, and/or Usage Type. For instance, you can group costs by Tag Keys of CustomerName, then further group costs with in that by Tag Keys of ProductName or by the Service. You can create reports of up to 5 levels of groupings and achieve insight you wouldn’t just by looking at the raw data.

AWS Credit Summary– This report gives you a view of the credits associated with your account.