Reserved Usage

The Reserved Usage reports provide valuable summaries, purchase recommendations, and cost comparisons for applicable services such as EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, and more.

Summary and List Reports


Summary and List reports show top-level and focused quantification of your Reserved Usage services. These enable you to quickly understand what and where your Reserved Usages are being utilized, as well as quickly drill down to get targeted info regarding how optimized your purchases are, duration, time left, etc.

Purchase Reports


Purchase Reports provide direct purchase recommendations tailored specifically to each applicable AWS service. You’ll be able to get recommendations on whether or not you can save money by purchasing a service via Reserved Usage, and these recommendations will help whether your have a large, stable deployment or a quickly changing one that needs the ability to scale accordingly.

Cost Comparison Reports


Cost Comparison reports have been designed to provide you with quick summaries and substantive detailed reports, where applicable, to get visibility into the cost differences within usage types of AWS services.