Create or Edit Custom Billing Charges

Custom Billing Charges are customizations that you create in order to provide your own discounts or premiums to your end users. You have complete flexibility to apply customizations to numerous fields, such as accounts, services, usage types, tags, account families, etc. You can create recurring charges that will apply forward in time, and you can choose whether these charges will be based on the original unblended cost or on the calculated List cost.

The Custom Billing Charges available for use are:

  • Add a percent discount or premium for all charges – You can add a discount or premium to any subset charges. These cost changes are only visible to you. For example, you might want to charge your customers a 3% premium across the board as a starting point. This new pricing will automatically be reflected in real-time when the customer views their List Cost billing data.


  • Add a monthly percent charge or credit – You can add customer-visible cost customizations to any existing service, to resources with a certain tag, or to specific usage types within AWS (such as for EC2 On-Demand usage only). You can also create tiered charges (i.e. a 10% discount for the first $10,000 spent, then a 7% discount for spend from $10,000-$50,000).


  • Add a fixed credit or charge – You can add a charge that is a fixed amount that can occur once or repeatedly, such as a custom charge of $500 every month for extra services you provide around Security.



As with any customization to your List Cost, you will need to reload the DBR in order for changes to take effect. More info on reloading the DBR is located here: