EC2 Auto Scaling Report

The Auto Scaling Launch Configurations Report provides details for the launch configurations being utilized by Auto Scaling Groups.

The following details are provided for each launch configuration:

  • Created – the day and time the launch configuration was created.
  • ARN – the unique Amazon Resource Name of the launch configuration.
  • IAM Instance Profile -the IAM role used for the instances.
  • Image ID – the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) used to launch the new instances.
  • Instance Type – the size of the instances that will be launched.
  • Spot Price – the maximum hourly price to be paid for launched Spot instances.  (NOTE: if the  price is $0.00 instances will be launched as On-Demand, not Spot).
  • Kernel ID – the ID of the kernel associated with the AMI.
  • Key Name – the name of the EC2 key pair for the instance.
  • Ram Disk ID – the ID of the RAM disk associated with the AMI.
  • Security Groups – the names of the security groups associated with the launched instances.
  • User Data – the user data available to the launched instances.

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