EC2 Detail Report

The EC2 Detail Report will provide a complete break-down of each instance launched within EC2.

The details of each instance is broken into four categories:


  • Attachment Count – number of EBS volumes attached to the instance
  • Total Volume Size – sum of the capacity of all EBS volumes attached to the instance
  • Status – whether the instance is running, stopped, or terminated
  • Type – the size of the instance
  • Platform – the operating system of the instance
  • Pricing Type – one-demand, spot, or reserved

Security Groups: This shows each security group that is attached to each instance.

  • Group ID – the ID of the security group
  • Group Name – the name of the security group

EBS Volumes: Provides details of each EBS volume attached to the instance

  • Device – the device of the instance
  • Attachment Time – when the volume was attached to the instance
  • Snapshot – the snapshot of the instance
  • Size – the size of the instance

Instance Details: Further information about the instance

  • Launch Time – When the instance was launched
  • Monitoring State – Displays ‘enabled’ when CloudWatch detailed monitoring is on.
  • Private DNS Name – Displays the private Domain Name Service name, if applicable.
  • Private IP Address – Displays the private IP address, if applicable.
  • Public DNS Name – Displays the public Domain Name Service name, if applicable.
  • Ram Disk ID – Displays the Ram Disk ID, if applicable.
  • Source Destination Check – Indicates whether source/destination checks are performed.
  • State Reason Code – States just the Reason Code for the current state of the instance.
  • State Reason Message – The reason code and reason message for the current state of the instance including time of change.
  • State Transition Message – The reason message for the change of instance state.
  • Subnet ID – Displays the Subnet ID.
  • Virtualization Type – The type of virtual machine running, e.g. paravirtual or hvm.
  • VPC ID – Displays the Virtual Private Cloud ID.

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