EC2 Load Balancer Details Report

The EC2 Load Balancer Details Report provides detailed information about each Elastic Load Balancer launched within EC2.

Details: specific information about the Load Balancer.

  • DNS Name – a public DNS name that combines the Load Balancer’s name and region
  • CNAME – an optional feature, allows AWS users to associate a canonical name (CNAME) record with the Load Balancer to use their custom domain.
  • Created – the date and time the Load Balancer was created.
  • Availability Zones – all availability zones associated with the Load Balancer.

Listeners: shows the ports and protocols the Load Balancer uses to listen on and forward traffic.

Health Check: the configurations the Load Balancer is using to check the health of each associated EC2 instance.

  • Healthy Threshold – total number of consecutive health check successes before declaring an EC2 instance healthy.
  • Unhealthy Threshold – total number of consecutive health check failures before declaring an EC2 instance unhealthy.
  • Timeout – amount of time, in seconds, to wait when receiving a response from the health check (2 sec – 60 sec).
  • Interval – amount of time, in minutes, to wait between health checks (0.1 min – 5 min).
  • Ping Target – the port used to send health check queries to the EC2 instances.

Attached EC2 Instances: lists each EC2 instance that is attached to the Load Balancer.

  • Instance – the name of the EC2 instance.
  • State – whether the instance is In Service or Out of Service.
  • Description – shows relevant details about the instance.  For example, whether the instance is terminated, or has failed a health check.
  • Availability Zone – the resident availability zone of the instance.

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