ElastiCache Cost Summary

The ElastiCache Cost Summary report provides a high-level overview of the costs associated with the cache clusters and nodes created within Amazon ElastiCache.


  • Predicted Monthly Cost – estimated monthly ElastiCache cost based on your current usage levels.  This total will fluctuate as your ElastiCache usage changes.

Estimated Monthly Cost By Region: shows the cost of ElastiCache nodes within each AWS region.

  • Region – the location where the nodes reside.
  • Cost – the cost to run the nodes.

Estimated Monthly Cost By Pricing Type: shows how many On-Demand and Reserved nodes are running in the account, and the estimated cost to run each for 30 days.

  • Pricing Type – whether the node is On-Demand or Reserved.
  • Cost – the estimated cost to run those On-Demand or Reserved nodes for 30 days.

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