Configuring your AWS Partner Version Account in CloudCheckr

An account within CloudCheckr is where you will be able to view and configure cost reports across all of your consolidated accounts.  You will want to create an account within CloudCheckr for each of your AWS consolidated payer accounts.

  1. Select Configure your First Account.


  2. Enter a Name for the account.


  3. Designate the Account Type. If this is a personal account, select Internal Account if this is an account which you are creating for a client select External Client. If the account being created is either a government or educational organization, check the box.


  4. Enter your Company Name  and the Company Domain.


  5. Enter your Location Information. If you utilize an Internal Charge Code for your customers, you may enter it here.


  6. Select Create.

Your first account has now been created. Now you need to link it to your AWS account. There are two ways this can be done. You can configure it using an access key and a secret key: Or by using a ‘Role’ for cross account access:

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