CloudCheckr Glossary

Below is a Glossary of the terms used within CloudCheckr.


Amazon Web Services (AWS): Amazon’s cloud computing platform, which provides a robust infrastructure and varied services which enables its users to run a virtual datacenter in the cloud.


Credentials: The information needed to allow CloudCheckr to connect to, and scan, your Cloud account(s). For Amazon Web Services, the Credentials consists of the Secret Key, and Access Key.


Projects: This page welcomes you each time you login to CloudCheckr.  The projects page will provide links to your projects, let you know the last time a snapshot was taken of each, and list the daily and monthly AWS bill for each project (as long as billing monitoring is enabled).


Dashboard:  Displays high-level statistics based on the most recent snapshot, in whichever project is currently loaded.


Project:  A project is where you can take snapshots and view reports on a specific cloud account.  If you have multiple Amazon Web Services accounts, you will set up a separate project for each of those accounts.


Reports:  Will display the results of your Assessments.  There are three types of reports: Summary Reports which display a high-level overview of each service or feature, Details Reports which provide all the data uncovered during the Assessment, and Cost reports which provide estimates of monthly expenditures and insights into ways to reduce costs. Some services will have unique reports, such as a report for Idle EC2 instances.


Snapshot: Is when CloudCheckr retrieves all available information based on a project’s Credentials, and produces reports based on its findings.


User:  An individual with access to a CloudCheckr account.

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