IAM Users Report

The IAM Users report provides details for each user created within AWS IAM.

The users in the report are listed alphabetically, with the date the user was created listed on the right.  Click the green plus symbol next to any user you would like to view details for.

Groups: lists all IAM groups the user belongs to.

Access Keys: shows details about any access keys the user can utilize.

  • Access Key – the access key the user utilizes to make programmatic calls to AWS.
  • Created – the date and time the Access Key was created.
  • Status – whether the Access Key is active or disabled.

MFA Device: shows any multi-factor authentication (MFA) devices the user has configured for their login.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication Device – the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the device.
  • Enabled – the date and time the device was enabled.
  • Virtual – whether it is a virtual device, like an app on a cellphone (true), or a hardware device (false).

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