Integrate with Syslog


The integration with ServiceNow allows you to configure email notifications that you can receive daily or any time there is a change to a Best Practice Check or alert.

To learn how to configure your integration with ServiceNow, review the procedure.


  1. From the left navigation bar, choose Account Settings > Integrations > Configurations.
      The Integration Configurations page opens.

  3. From the drop-down menu, select Syslog.

  5. Type the name of your Syslog account.

  7. Click Create.
    A message indicates that your integration was created successfully.


  9. Click OK.

  10. The page displays the new integration.


  11. Click (green plus sign) to review the details.
    In this example, since there were no previous integrations your newly entered account is the only listed account. A yellow circle with an exclamation point inside ( ) indicates that you need to provide additional information before the integration is complete.


  13. In the Account section, copy and paste the following information from your SysLog account:

    Parameter Description
    Name Name of the Syslog server that you want to integrate with
    Host The Syslog URI to the host
    Port The UDP port number to send to
    Send Raw Data Only applies to CloudTrail alerts. Will send the original JSON file received from AWS.
  15. Click Save.

  17. Click Send Test.
    You will receive a Syslog message upon successful configuration.

  19. To learn about other configuration options and to turn on alerts, review the topic, Integration Configuration – Understanding Other Options.

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