Integration Configuration — Understanding Other Options


This section will explain other changes you can make to any of your integrations after they have been configured.

If you still need to set up an Integration such as Slack or Syslog, see the Integration Configuration page.


This screenshot shows an Integration (in this case, PagerDuty), and its drilled-down Accounts.

The following options are available within an individual Integration:

Item Description
On/Off slider to enable or disable the account.
Delete the account integration.
Hovering over the numbers of each account shows a status summary of the account’s state.
Indicates that the required fields for that account have not been completed.

Disable All Accounts

When you select the Disable all accounts option on the Integration Configurations page, you disable all notifications for all the accounts in your integrations. This does not disconnect or delete anything, it simply acts as a pause button until you re-enable the notifications.

Setting Up Your Alerts and Notifications

Now that you’ve configured your alert accounts, you can set up actual alerts for Cost, Security, Utilization, and Best Practices.

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