Payee List Cost

The Problem

When thinking about User Management from the most common perspective, you are able to give your end users access to specific accounts and cost types (Unblended/Blended/List) within CloudCheckr. You can even limit access to certain parts of the application.

At a certain point you may want to limit users to only see List Cost. List Cost shows them what their AWS account would have cost stand-alone and factors out RI utilization a single payee should not receive. However, simply changing the permissions when you first grant access to your users is not enough because some features such as emails and cost alerts will not be affected.

The Solution

You will need to configure the entire payee account to be set as List Cost Only. This will cause all alerts and emails to be sent using List cost, not using Unblended or Blended cost.

Simply navigate to Cost/AWS Partner Tools/Configure/Payee List Cost and select any payee accounts that should be set to List Cost Only.

NOTE: When you set an AWS account to List Cost Only, any Users or Basic Users are will be limited to seeing List Cost only and will not see Blended or Unblended Cost even if they are granted access to those Cost Types in User Permissions. This is by design. Administrators will be able to see all three costs types but Users and Basic Users will be restricted to List Cost only. If you need Basic Users and Users to be able to see Blended and Unblended Costs, you can configure the account to NOT be List Cost Only.