EC2 Cost Details Report

The EC2 Cost Details report is designed to give you insight into your actual costs on an instance-by-instance basis.   All costs in the report are extracted from your AWS Detailed Billing reports and aggregated over a user-defined time period.   The report will provide you with the cost of running your instances, as well as their EBS, ELB, and network costs.

NOTE: The volumes associated with the instances in this report reflect the current relationship detected when the report was last updated. If any volumes were previously attached to the instance but have been detached prior, the relationship and cost will not be reflected in this report.


No cost data will display when you first load your report. You must click the filter button to load results. If you do not choose any filter options, by default, the report will show you the top 25 instances (by Unblended cost) over the last 14 days for whichever account you are currently viewing.

Use the Start and End date to display a custom data range. NOTE: You will only have data available from the month you first enabled the Detailed Billing reports within AWS.

The Instance ID text box allows you to run the report for a specific EC2 instance.  Simply put in the full instance ID (example: i-95db0fc7) and filter.

Show allows you to determine how many instances to view within the report.  You can choose to view ALL instances, or the top 25 or 50 most expensive over the selected time frame.

Cost Type allows you to display the costs in the report using Unblended, Blended, or List Price.

Finally, select which account you would like to view cost data for. If you are viewing this report within a consolidated billing master payer account, you will have the ability to view the report for any of your sub-accounts. There is also an “All” option, allowing you to view the report across all of your linked accounts.

Once you have chosen which data you would like to see, click the Filter button.


Once you filter the report, CloudCheckr goes out to your AWS Detailed Billing report and retrieves the relevant EC2 costs for each instance over whichever date range you’ve selected.  The report will then display a cost chart, showing the daily costs for each EC2 instance, as well as a cost breakdown for each below.

You can hover over any day in the chart and it will provide you with a list of each instance cost for that day.  You can also manipulate the chart by selecting or unselecting any of the instances in the legend below.

Beneath the chart will be a list of your instances that were running over your selected time frame.   This is where you can get a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with each EC2 instance.

You can expand any instance by clicking on the green plus (+) symbol to its left.

When you expand an instance you will be given the total costs for the instance, volume, load balancing, and network activity for that specific instance.   Scrolling down, you will see a section for each of those cost types, providing a complete breakdown of those costs.  You will also see a cost breakdown for each attached EBS volume.

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