Glacier Cost Summary Report

The Glacier Cost Summary report provides a high-level overview of the costs associated with the vaults and archives created within Amazon Glacier.

In addition to showing how much is being spent on Glacier, the report also shows how much money you are saving by using Glacier, as well as the total possible savings you could achieve by moving all S3 objects to Glacier.

NOTE: moving ALL objects to Glacier is generally not recommended, as Glacier is designed for data that is rarely retrieved, and which retrieval  time can take several hours.

Total Estimated Cost Per Month: this section looks at your current Glacier data, and estimates the costs (and cost savings) over a 30 day period.

  • Total Storage Cost – estimated monthly Glacier cost based on your current storage levels.  This total will fluctuate as your Glacier storage changes.
  • Actual Savings by Using Glacier – total amount of money saved by storing objects within Glacier instead of S3.
  • Possible Savings By Using Glacier – total possible savings my moving all S3 objects into Glacier (although moving ALL objects to Glacier is generally not recommended).
  • Total Storage Used – the total storage space being used by all archives within Glacier.

Estimated Monthly Cost by Region: shows the cost of Glacier storage within each AWS region.

  • Region – the location where the Glacier vaults and archives reside.
  • Cost – the total monthly cost for the storage within that region.

Estimated Monthly Cost By Vault (Top 5): shows the estimated monthly cost for the 5 most costly Glacier vaults.

  • Vault – the name of the vault.
  • Cost – the estimated monthly cost for the vault.

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