List of CloudFront Distributions Report

The List of CloudFront Distributions provides a detailed look at each streaming and download distribution created within CloudFront.


  • Price Class – the edge locations the distribution uses to service requests.
  • State – whether the distribution is enabled or disabled.
  • Status – whether the distribution is deployed or not.
  • Domain – the domain name assigned to the distribution.
  • CNames – alternate domain name(s) that can be used to access your files.
  • Origin Count – the number of S3 buckets or web servers that CloudFront will deliver content from.
  • Logging Enabled – whether logging is enabled or disabled for the distribution.

Origin: Shows each  S3 bucket or web server from which CloudFront will get web content from.

  • Domain Name – the domain name of the origin.
  • Origin Protocol Policy – whether the policy allows HTTP or HTTPS access.
  • HTTPS Port – the HTTPS port of the origin.
  • HTTP Port – the HTTP port of the origin.

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