Glacier Detail Report

The Glacier Details report provide specific information about each vault stored within Amazon Glacier.

The report lists each Glacier vault alphabetically, showing its storage size, cost, and AWS region on the right.  Click the green plus symbol (+) to view the details of any vault.


  • Created – the date and time that the vault was created within Glacier.
  • Archives – the total number of archives within the vault.
  • Monthly Cost – total monthly storage cost for all archives within the vault.
  • Last Inventory – the date and time of the last inventory taken of the vault.  NOTE: when you initiate a job for a vault inventory, Glacier returns the last inventory it generated, which is a point-in-time snapshot and not real-time data.
  • Number of Bytes – total storage of all archives within the vault.
  • SNS Topic – the name of the SNS topic that is configured to deliver notifications regarding the events of the vault.

Jobs: shows information about the jobs that have been started in Glacier.  

  • Job – the type of job that was started (such as retrieving a vault or archive inventory).
  • Status – whether the job is in progress, completed, or failed.
  • Created – the date and time the job was started.

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