Reports by AWS Service

Inventory Summary Report

The Inventory Summary report provides a high-level view into your resources by listing each service and displaying basic useful information. Selecting one of the Summary or Detail links will take you a more comprehensive overview of that particular AWS Service. This reports can also be accessed by through any one of the AWS services.

Summary Reporting by AWS Service

These reports will provide you with an overview that will contain a list of your resource and various useful charts. For example the EC2 summary will provide information such as the number of running instances, with a breakdown of IPs, Load Balancers and Total Security Groups. It also includes a drop-down that will allow you to further filter resources by specific tags.

This report will also include many different charts such as by region, price type, AMI, instance, etc.  The charts will adjust accordingly based on the filter by tags selected . Similar reports are available for more than 20 other AWS Services including S3, RDS, IAM, WorkSpaces, and many more.

Detail Reporting by AWS Service

These reports will provide you with an detailed list of your resource which advanced filtering/sorting options. While the Summary reports grouped your data, here we allow to access the same information one instance at a time. For EC2 and  WorkSpaces we also allow you the ability save your filters to custom reports. This way you can create Custom Reports without having to navigate back to the Custom Report Builder.

You should be fairly familiar with how to navigate through the filter by and sort by options work. Once you have finalized your options you simply select the Save To Custom Reports button. Then enter a report name and select save. This will add the report and display it under your Custom Reports.

We also allow you to build summary charts based on this data. Once you have selected the appropriate Filter by and Sort By options, you can select one of the Summary Chart options from the drop down menu.

While some of the same charts will be available for many of the AWS Services (such as by Region) the other options will be dependent on which AWS Service detailed report you navigated to.  For example EC2 will allow you to build a chart by resource tag, while WorkSpaces will provide you an option to build the chart by Bundle ID. The chart will display just above your list of instances.