S3 Detail Report

The S3 Detail Report provides a detailed look at each bucket, and its objects, stored within S3.


  • Total Cost Per Month – the total cost to store all objects within the bucket for 30 days.  This cost reflects storage only, and does not account for data transfer fees.
  • Total Space Used – the total size of all objects stored within the bucket.
  • Objects – the total number of objects stored within the bucket.
  • Folders – the total number of folders created within the bucket.
  • Publicly Accessible Objects – the total number of objects in the bucket that can be accessed by anybody.
  • Objects Using Server Side Encryption – the total number of objects in the bucket stored using encryption.
  • Objects Using Reduced Redundancy Storage – the total number of objects that are stored using Reduced Redundancy Storage.

Website: Shows whether the buckets is setup to act as a static webpage.

  • Enabled – whether website is enabled on the bucket.
  • Index Document – the name of the document S3 returns when requests are made to the root or the subfolder of your website.
  • Error Document – the name of the HTML error document S3 returns in the event of an error on the website.

Logging: Shows whether logging is enabled on the bucket.  Logging provides details about the requests made against the bucket and its objects.

  • Enabled – whether logging is enabled on the bucket.
  • Target Bucket – the bucket where the generated log files are stored.
  • Prefix – the prefix appended to the log files.

Permissions: Shows who has access to the bucket.

  • Grantee – the entity that has been granted a specific permission level to the bucket.
  • Permissions – the specific set of permissions given to the grantee.

Top 10 Objects By Size: Shows the 10 largest objects within the bucket.

  • Key – the name of the object.  If the object is stored within a folder, the path to that object will be shown here.
  • Size – the size of the object.
  • Last Modified – the last time the object was modified.
  • RRS – whether the object is stored using reduced redundancy storage.

Notifications: Shows any SNS topics associated with the bucket.  The SNS topics will send a message if if an object stored using Reduced Redundancy Storage is lost.

  • Topic – the name of the SNS topic added to the bucket.
  • Enabled – whether the topic is enabled or disabled.

Lifecycle Rules:  Shows if lifecycle rules are established on the bucket.  Lifecycle rules instruct the bucket to automatically remove objects that contain a user-defined prefix after a specified period of time.

  • Name – the name of the lifecycle rule.
  • Prefix – the object prefix the rule is looking for.
  • Days – the number of days an object is stored for before the rule removes it from the bucket.
  • Status – whether the rule is enabled or disabled.

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