S3 Server Access Logs Report

The S3 Server Access Logs report shows statistics based around the log files stored within S3.  This report only reflects S3 buckets that have logging enabled.  If logging is not enabled on any S3 bucket, there will be no data for this report.


Use the From: and To: date selectors at the top of the report to view data from those date ranges.


Summary: shows statistics about the requests made against the buckets within the selected date range.

  • Number of Requests – total number of HTTP requests made on the buckets.
  • Size of Data Transferred – total amount of data transferred on all responses served by the buckets.
  • Cost of Data Transferred – total cost for all requests made on the buckets.
  • Average Response Size – average size of response to all requests made on the buckets.
  • Unique Users – total number of unique IP addresses that made requests on the buckets.

Top Requests: lists the S3 objects that had the most requests.

  • Request – the name of the object.
  • Count – number of requests made against the object.

Top Client IPs: lists the IP addresses that made the most requests against the buckets.

  • IP – the IP address where the requests came from.
  • Requests – the number of requests made.

Top User Agents: shows the applications that made the most requests against the buckets.

  • User Agent – the application making the requests.
  • Requests – total number of requests made.

Top Status Codes: shows the status codes most frequently generated from requests made against the buckets.

  • Code – the actual status code.
  • Requests – the number of times the code was generated.

Top Referrers: where the requests against the bucket originated from.  NOTE: No Referrer means files were accessed directly.

  • Referrer – where the requests originated from.
  • Requests – number of requests made from the referrer.

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