What Is CloudCheckr?

CloudCheckr is a web-based software application that allows you to see and understand what is going on within your Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform deployments.

Amazon provides the Amazon Management Console to configure and setup your AWS account. CloudCheckr picks up from there. It does not replace the functionality of the Amazon Management Console – in fact you don’t ever make any updates to AWS through CloudCheckr. CloudCheckr is designed to report on and analyze what resources you are and are not using, where your spending is not optimized, what your account looked like historically, and what is changing in your account.

CloudCheckr uses the Amazon Web Services API to look at your AWS setup. CloudCheckr connects to your AWS account and grabs a “snapshot” of all of the settings and details on your account. This snapshot is then used to analyze your usage, costs, and to provide best practice advice.

CloudCheckr does not connect to, or look at, the applications that are running in the cloud. It never connects to an EC2 instance or an RDS database. It simply uses the API to see what is deployed. It is solely focused on the configuration of your cloud.

CloudCheckr provides the following capabilities:

Discover and visualize what’s running in AWS
Understanding costs in AWS
Analyze your usage in AWS
Monitor for changes in your AWS environment
Hundreds of best practice checks covering security, availability, cost, and usage
Maintain a historical record of your cloud configuration

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You can contact us by email at support@cloudcheckr.com or by phone by calling 585-423-0856.

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