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Thank you for checking out CloudCheckr.  This Help Site will provide details on how to use and discover CloudCheckr’s features. CloudCheckr is your go to source for cloud management and regulation.

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Starting With CloudCheckr

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CloudCheckrs Reports

CloudCheckr offers several reports that focus on the best practices, cost and inventory of your AWS deployment:

Best Practices

Cloudcheckr’s Best Practice reporting will give you information on vital aspects of your AWS instances.

Best Practice Reporting


The Alerts section will give you the functionality to create, manage and examine the results from various alerts.

CloudCheckr’s AWS Alert Reports

Cost Reporting

CloudCheckr has a variety of cost reports which will give you information on various services associated with your account.

CloudCheckr’s Cost Reports


CloudCheckr’s Inventory reporting is useful for seeing the number of files you have stored in your S3 buckets, as well as a full inventory of your instances. For more information on your specific reports, click here:

CloudCheckr Inventory Reports


CloudCheckr’s Security reports can give you an in depth look at the activity surrounding your AWS account. With various reports based on CloudTrail data as well as change monitoring, and an in-depth perimeter report, which will allow you to see who has access to your accounts. All of these reports can be utilized to alert you as soon as your account’s safety has been compromised.

CloudCheckrs Security Reports


CloudCheckr can help you keep an eye on your AWS deployment, showing how much each instance is being utilized to help ensure your infrastructure is running smoothly.

CloudCheckr’s Utilization Reports


CloudCheckr for AWS Resellers

CloudCheckr has several reports and core functionality designed specifically for AWS Resellers. These include:

  • Consolidated Reports
  • Reserved Instance Management
  • User Management
  • Custom Logos



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