Welcome to the CloudCheckr Support Page

Thank you for checking out CloudCheckr.  This Help Site will provide details on how to use and discover CloudCheckr’s features.


Getting AWS Ready for CloudCheckr

Before you begin with CloudCheckr we recommend that you enable your AWS cost reports and create a Read-Only IAM user that CloudCheckr will use to scan your AWS account.  Here are easy-to-follow instructions for both:

Starting With CloudCheckr

Once you have your cost reports enabled and have your Secret Key and Access Key you will want to start configuring your CloudCheckr account.

Understanding AWS Costs with CloudCheckr

CloudCheckr provides several reports that allow you to understand and dissect your AWS costs, including Reserved Instance management.

Monitoring for Changes

CloudCheckr will keep the pulse of your AWS account and track and report on any changes made.

CloudCheckr for AWS Resellers

CloudCheckr has several reports and core functionality designed specifically for AWS Resellers.

CloudCheckr’s AWS Alerts

CloudCheckr monitors your AWS deployment and can alert you when your costs exceed a pre-defined amount, or when your EC2 or S3 usage surpasses certain thresholds.

CloudCheckr for GovCloud

AWS GovCloud users can leverage CloudCheckr to monitor and gain insight into their deployments.

Using CloudCheckr to Monitor Costs Only

Using a streamlined set of IAM permissions, AWS users can utilize CloudCheckr solely for the purpose of monitoring their AWS costs.

CloudCheckr’s AppDynamics Extension

CloudCheckr offers an AppDynamics plugin that allows users to upload their AWS EC2, cost data, and CloudWatch metrics directly into their AppDynamics dashboard.

CloudCheckr’s New Relic Plugin

CloudCheckr offers a New Relic plugin that allows users to upload their AWS EC2 usage and cost data directly into their New Relic dashboard.

CloudCheckr API

CloudCheckr offers an API that allows users to manage their CloudCheckr account and user access, as well as access and manipulate the data in their CloudCheckr account programmatically.

CloudCheckr Single Sign-On

CloudCheckr offers support for Single Sign-On through any SAML 2.0 provider.